Hello there! You may call me Mikki.

I'm 21 years old, Agender, Demisexual, currently a college student studying art, and have lately been considering trying for a career in Character Designing. We'll see how that all works out.

My blog is mostly random for the most part, but you can expect a ton of art and scenery appreciation. If I feel it is needed, I will tag a post as nsfw, containing spoilers, etc. Please also know that this is a Pro-Equality and Safe Zone blog.

I'm sorry to say that I am no longer doing follow backs due to personal reasons. I still very much appreciate any follows I receive, so thank you.

That being said, hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to message me anytime.

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Describe yourself in 5 sentences.

I guess I can’t go by my mini profile on my blog huh? Okay…

I would say I’m an individual who is blunt, snarky and likely cynical to the point of it being unhealthy for my sanity -but I’d rather be cautious than an idiot, soooo.(Ok next.)
Though I’ve grown up to learn I never staying attached to people, I do appreciate the time I spend with them as they’ve more than likely taught me something new. 
I am a very curious individual and never get tired of learning new things.
I am able to forgive so I can move on in life, but I will never forget what I learned. 
And lastly, since a lot of you have been asking lately, I’ll go back to worrying about romance crap when I actually get comfy in life.

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